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30-Day Gratitude Challenge

Studies show that gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness. Gratitude can be both external (visible behaviours like the act of thanking someone) and internal (private process, reflecting on the good aspects of our lives).

Here’s a 30-day gratitude challenge to help you be more grateful in life! You’re welcome.

gratitude challenge

Please see text version of the 30-day gratitude challenge below:

  1. Write 3 things you are grateful for today.
  2. Thank a friend.
  3. Smile if you see something beautiful.
  4. Write a note to your parents.
  5. Do something nice to a colleague.
  6. Praise yourself for something good that you’ve done today.
  7. Compliment a stranger.
  8. Hug your sibling or relative.
  9. Name something that makes you smile.
  10. Inform the person that he/she inspires you.
  11. Thank your teacher or boss.
  12. Make someone laugh.
  13. Open the door for someone.
  14. Give a tip to the service crew.
  15. Write a gratitude letter to your closest friend.
  16. Buy coffee for a coworker.
  17. Say “Thank you!” to the person who helped you in any way.
  18. Do something kind for yourself.
  19. Send a mini gift to a person who mean so much to you.
  20. Volunteer to an organization close to your heart.
  21. Hug a tree and thank nature.
  22. Do something nice to your neighbour.
  23. Give something to charity.
  24. List 5 items in your house that you are grateful for.
  25. Spend a day with no rants or complaints.
  26. Recall your favourite experience.
  27. Name an event you look forward to each year.
  28. Describe a thing that brings you joy.
  29. Reminisce the last time you felt at peace.
  30. Make a gratitude jar.

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