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Our Cause

Prompts / prÉ’m(p)ts / noun;

Prompts aims to support people struggling with mental health issues and advocate the importance of mental wellness through our products.

What's the
One in five people experiences mental health issues, so why aren't we talking about it? Mental illness can affect anybody, even the physically fit.

Many do not seek help due to the social stigma stemming from the misconception of mental illnesses, even with the increasing efforts to raise awareness. This includes a self-perceived stigma that an individual might have towards himself or herself when faced with mental health struggles.

Working towards a positive mental health state i.e. mental wellness is as important as one's physical health. It allows one to be well-controlled of his or her thoughts, emotions and behaviour, and to cope with challenges, work productively and lead a fulfilling life.
how are we
the cause?
We aim to encourage mental wellness and shed light on mental health issues through prompts in the form of everyday items. For every item sold, a portion of our proceeds will be donated to mental health charity funds for purposes including:
  • Financial assistance for low-income mental health patients, many of whom are unemployed due to stigma in the workplace
  • Welfare activities (outings, birthday and festive celebrations etc.) for long-stay patients in mental hospitals, many of whom are not visited by family members
  • Medical research and development
  • Nursing and paramedical training programmes
  • Campaigns to raise awareness of mental health issues

We are currently donating to to support youths with their mental health therapy sessions.

If you wish to contribute to them, find out more about how you can do so here.