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Our Cause

Prompts / prɒm(p)ts / noun;

Prompts aims to better the battles of disadvantaged communities through practical and responsible means.

About Us
Prompts initially started as a social enterprise to support people struggling with mental health issues. Along the way, we realised that we can better the lives of more disadvantaged communities and want to extend our impact to more social issues in Southeast Asia. Besides providing financial help, we also aim to support them socially and mentally through community building, employment opportunities, etc.

Whether you’re a business or a consumer, let’s strive to better someone’s battle. Scroll on to find how you can get involved or just hit us up for a chat.

Supporting the
Mental Health
Mental illness is the leading form of disability, yet we’re not talking enough about it.

We advocate mental wellness and support youths with mental health issues through our products.
We are currently donating to to support youths with their mental health therapy sessions.

If you wish to contribute to them, find out more about how you can do so here.