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.exe Yearly Planner (undated)

$31.90 $26.90

We designed the .exe planner to, like an executable file format, help you execute and put your year into effect. In this yearly planner, we’ve also inserted simple tools that encourage mental wellness through clear-goal setting, active lifestyle habits, and self-awareness.


Mental wellness is as important as physical wellness. It allows one to be well-controlled of his/her thoughts, emotions and behaviour, cope with challenges, and lead a fulfilling life.


Apps installed: Monthly and weekly spreads, lined and blank pages, journaling prompts, 10 secret pages (surprises included)

Plug-ins included: Canvas bag for planner, postcard (Customisation available on canvas bag; e-mail us at to enquire more)

File type: Hardcover kraft

File size A5, 350g

File compatibility: Anyone


10.10 PROMO: $10 OFF regular price + FREE customisation (in alphabets, 10 characters max) on canvas bag. Include your phrase in notes on the checkout page.

*Promo ends 12 Oct 2021


*For every item sold, a portion of our proceeds will be donated to mental health charity funds to support people struggling with mental health issues and raise mental health awareness.

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