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Plantable Seed Pencils

$12.90 $9.90

Have your own little gardening session with this set of 3 plantable seed pencils. Horticulture and spending time with nature are ways to improve one’s mental well-being. Mint to encourage you to have some thyme off or chili out, we hope these pencils can be put to good use even after you’re done writing with them.


1. Insert the pencil into a pot of soil at a 30° angle.
2. Water regularly.
3. Beleaf and watch your pencil grow!


*February promotion (until 28 Feb 2020): FREE customisation (in alphabets) on canvas bag. Other graphics/ icons $15 onwards. Email after making payment to enquire.


*For every item sold, a portion of our proceeds will be donated to mental health charity funds to support people struggling with mental health issues and raise mental health awareness.